Pension Fund Communication

• IPOPIF Transfer Notification Letter: Procedures for the Transition of Assets – October 1, 2024

• Asset Certification Process and CPA Assignments

• Participant Fund Cash Management and Custodian Account Access Memorandum

• IPOPIF Transfer Checklist

• IDOI Siren: Use of Money Market Mutual Funds by Article 3 & 4 Funds

• Request for Authorized Agent Resolution - Transfer of Assets - October 1, 2024

• Reminders for the October 1, 2024 Transfer of Assets

Documents for the Transfer of Assets

• Board Resolution appointing Authorized Agents (Exhibit A)

• Form of Notice (Exhibit B)

• Cash Access Form [eCFM] (Exhibit C)

• Board Resolution appointed Authorized Representatives for Cash Access Form (Exhibit D)

Rules and Policies for the Transfer of Assets

• Transfer of Assets Rule (AR 2021-02)

• Authorized Agents Rule (AR 2021-03)

• Cash Management Policy (PP-2022-01)