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Investment Management Global or International (Non USA),Small or SMID Cap - Active

Press Release ISC Search 7-26-23

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International Small or SMID Cap  RFP

International Small or SMID Cap RFP (Word)

Exhibit 1 - Active Questionnaire (Word)

Exhibit 2 - Per RFP to be provided by applicant

Exhibit 3 - Certifications, Representations, and Disclosures (Word)

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Bank Loans

Bank Loans Press Release 9-18-23 

Bank Loans QA

RFP and Supporting Documents

Request for Proposal - Bank Loans

Amendment of Schedule – Bank Loans

Exhibit 1 - Bank Loans Questionnaire

Exhibit 2 - Proposed Fee Schedule - To be Provided by Applicant

Exhibit 3 - Certifications, Representations, and Discosures

Exhibit 4 - Disclosures

Exhibit 5A - IPOPIF template IMA Draft

Exhibit 5B - Commingled Product Side Letter Provisions Draft

Exhibit 6 - Additional Information Not Available in eVestment

Quiet Period (PP-2021-07, Section D.9)

There shall be a quiet period to ensure that the process of selecting an Investment Consultant, Transition Manager, or Investment Adviser is efficient and fair.

  1. The quiet period shall commence with the posting of the RFP and end when the parties have executed an Investment Services agreement.
  2. Initiation, continuation, and conclusion of the quiet period shall be directly communicated to the Board and posted on the IPOPIF website.
  3. During the quiet period, no Board member or Staff member or fiduciary or service provider involved in the search shall accept meals, travel, lodging, entertainment, or any other good or service of value from any candidate.
  4. All authority related to the search process shall be exercised solely by the Board as a whole, and not by individual Board members.
  5. If any Board member or IPOPIF Staff member is contacted by a candidate during the quiet period about a matter relating to the pending selection, the Board member or IPOPIF Staff member shall refer the candidate to the Chief Investment Officer. While the quiet period does not prevent Board approved meetings or communications by Staff with an incumbent Investment Consultant, Transition Manager, or Investment Adviser that is also a candidate, discussion related to the pending selection shall be avoided during those activities.
  6. A candidate may be disqualified from a search process for a willful violation of this Policy.

IPOPIF Database

The IPOPIF may utilize a third-party industry database to serve as the primary pool from which the IPOPIF will identify and evaluate candidates in a search for Investment Advisers. 

The IPOPIF utilizes eVestment as the IPOPIF Database and investment managers can submit their information at There is no cost to submit information to the database.

The Procurement of Investment Services Policy details provision for utilizing the database.

Agreed Upon Procedures for Independent Certified Public Accounting Firms

Request for Proposals

Exhibit B – Questionnaire

Exhibit C – Certification of Minimum Qualifications

RFP Questions and Answers

Attachment 1 – Copy of General Procedures